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28/1/2013 – THINKING ABOUT AF13

Date: January 28, 2012
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
Occasion: Thinking about Alto Fragile


Thinking…about soon jumping into all that is Alto Fragile, all that is Naples, all that is a new style – made of fragility – of seeing performance.


Tensione che si crea fra altezza e fragilità

What is this height?
When are live bodies in a state of creation and when are they not?

La fragilità è Punto di congiunzione tra artista e pubblico.

La fragilità in cui si pone con coraggio l’artista bilancia l‘assenza di conoscenza del pubblico.

How to touch on the barrier, when and if there is one, between the artist and the public without imposing? Without force?
How to allow the members of the public to remain free, independent beings?
How to touch them without knowing them?

(Who are they?
What do they need? What are their limits? What do they offer?)
How to invite?

This encounter is indeed very fragile. I am not sure if the artist has more knowledge. Maybe some do. I do not have more knowledge than the audience!

Copernicus, Einstein, Giordano Bruno, John’s Apocalypse
These are messengers of risky truths.
How to translate their risks and their truths into theater?