Alto Fragile / Scena Pubblica

Cos’è Alto Fragile

WHAT IS ALTO FRAGILE public arena We imagined a piece of work, a unique piece strewed over time, interrupted by blank gaps. During these gaps the act of creation may continue, whilst thought matures on and off stage: AltoFragile.  AltoFragile aims to introduce a new theatre practice which does not strive to produce a refined piece of work, or play, but rather attempts to share with the audience the time and space of research. AltoFragile is a work-in-progress theatre, which can only take form through its moments of contact with the public. 
These journeys has been given the name of theatreographies. A theatreography is a snapshot of the work-in-progress, representing the trail of the undertaken journey, and the cartography of the path ahead. We chose to leave out theatre’s technological means (darks, lights, effects) and leave an empty stage, where the audience will only see the simple and naked presence of the actor. Alto Fragile is this naked, unarmed presence showing itself, when no staging tricks can shelter from mistakes and flaws. Yet it is exactly through such extreme fragility, through such vast possibility to wonder and roam, through such nerve to start searching together with the audience, that we will try to create a new shared space, a new way of inhabiting such space: a public arena.Alto Fragile is the time and the space of research,
when the generated action is wild, and not yet tamed.

Alto Fragile is acting beyond the crystallised forms
which make the stage more accessible, yet sometimes less intense and  shocking,
allowing us to interrogate ourselves and
start moving together towards something new.